Our Services

A Wide range of Optometry Services.
Comprehensive Eye Care

We provide the most comprehensive examination of the eye and visual system to ensure that you are visually fit.We follow triple refined retinoscopy that is 3 times more accurate to prescribe spectacles and contact lens.

Pediatric Eye Care

Eye Exam for children are very important to ensure your child's eyes are healthy and have no vision problem because 80% of the learning is gathered through the eyes and visual system.

Binocular Vision Therapy

Here we can assess eye coordination, eye movements and eye focusing. Special attention is paid to lazy eyes(Amblyopia), Squint and Unequal powers(Anisometropia) etc.

Spectacle Dispensing

Our staff are trained and experienced to help you select frames that are best to your complexion, fit you and your life style properly and are compatible with your prescription.All our frames and lenses come with one year warranty against manufactures defects.

Contact Lenses

Success of contact lens wear depends on your corneal measurements, Tear quality, Prescription, Visual requirements and desires. With proper assessment & evaluation almost everyone can wear contact lens. We are specialized in fitting of contact lenses etc.